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Magel Top Gel

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Magel Top Gel

To all nail technicians! Introducing the highly anticipated Majel Top Gel, boasting top-notch quality with zero curing heat. Maintain an outstanding finish with long-lasting gloss, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing repeat rates. Majel's Top Gel, ideal for nail salons, is perfect for those seeking top-quality gel without heat. Are you facing issues with gloss, durability, or heat during gel curing? For those in search of a heat-free top gel, seeking cost-effective and high-quality gel, and desiring easy removal with a nail machine, Majel Top Gel is highly recommended!

Created by merging the opinions of many nail technicians, Majel Base Gel is born. An exceptional product that satisfies in terms of beauty, shine, user-friendliness, and durability. It's not only for nail technicians but also a product that customers will be pleased with.

The soft texture and speedy self-leveling have received surprising acclaim. Easy to use even in cold winter, it achieves a beautiful form and a glossy finish with smooth self-leveling.

Magel Base Gel
Magel PolyGel

Achieve long nails with the exceptional transparency of Majel Poly Gel! This acrylic polymer gel offers outstanding clarity and strength, providing a sustained luster. Odorless and versatile, it's perfect for extending length, adding jewels, reinforcing, and it's easy to use without making a mess. Suitable for both professional nail technicians and self-nail enthusiasts. Choose from 8 color variations and enjoy the transformations that Majel Poly Gel brings to your nail care.

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