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Majestic Cosme Quality, 
No Fragrances 
No Mineral
No Parabéns
No Petroleum
No Pigment

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Transform Skin Inside-Out with Majestic Cosme. 


Experience our advanced skincare technology and 

maintain your skin's perfect balance for a youthful and vibrant look.

Majestic Cosme product set

At Majestic Cosme, we are devoted to furnishing you with the best quality products and services. 


We aspire to meet our customers' expectations and bring them joy and luck with our products. 


We strive for health and beauty, hoping to empower people's emotions and spread happiness every day, 

allowing more and more individuals to have fulfilling experiences.

Majestic Cosme team

Airless Containers

We always use premium airless containers to ensure the highest quality. 

These containers can help keep ingredients like essences fresh by preventing them from being exposed to air. 

This allows us to blend luxurious ingredients in a state of high freshness, right up until the last drop.

Airless containers picture, shows the difference between our containers and other products containers

Luxurious ingredients for your skin

The four main ingredients

All of our products, such as facial cleansing gels and foams, include the following ingredients

Majestic Cosme's main ingredient.png

1. With ingredients that care for all skin cells,

skin problems are fundamentally solved.

2. Improves circulation inside the skin to maximize effectiveness.

3. Powerful moisturizing to protect the skin.

Each ingredient works rationally and enhances skin strength.

No matter how good the ingredients are, they are meaningless if they cannot be effective.


Our products has the function of enhancing the circulation of the skin so that the active ingredients are well received, leading to the maximum effect.

It also has moisturizing power to protect them.

Skincare Serum Product Features Benefits Icon Instagram Post.png

Proteoglycans are found throughout the human body, and they have powerful anti-aging effects due to their superior moisturizing power and EGF-like beauty abilities. 

With its strong binding power to hyaluronic acid, it holds a small amount of moisture in the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves. It acts as a "water bag" in the dermis, stimulating cell metabolism and promoting natural healing. Having 1.3 times more moisturizing power than hyaluronic acid, it also has other properties like EGF-like action which drives epithelial cell proliferation and fibroblast activation as well as promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

Water-soluble proteoglycans

Both FGF and EGF are essential for radical aging care. At the same time,
it is known that activating skin cells has a synergistic effect on beautiful skin.

EGF:「epidermis」Cell activation
In order for turnover to function normally, EGF activates the cells of the "epidermis" of the first layer of the skin. It improves blemishes and dullness, smoothly swaps new and old cells, and keeps skin elastic and youthful. It also has the effect of suppressing skin problems such as acne.

FGF:「dermis」Activation of fibroblasts
The dermis layer that creates high-quality keratin (barrier layer of the skin). It activates the fibroblasts present there with FGF to increase collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It heals wounds by metabolism and activation action, improves wrinkles and sagging.

Cure Passion

Ingredient name: Passiflora kudamono fruit extract


Caring for lymphatic vessels and taking care of ageing skin (Micro-lymphatic endothelial cell proliferation action) are essential. In dermis, capillary lymphatic vessels collect waste products and excess water, then send them on to the lymphatic vessels. These capillary lymphatic vessels are formed from micro-lymphatic endothelial cells that interlock alongside one another, but their delicate structure makes them vulnerable to external damage like ultraviolet rays. If the capillary lymphatic vessels become weakened, it impedes the discharge of excess water, resulting in swelling. Cure Passion helps repair any damage to these capillary lymphatic vessels, creating a healthy environment where excess water can be drained away.

Passiflora kudamono fruit extract.png

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